The Elven race has a peculiar origin. When the planet of Nuwerth was being settled many species of sentient live that had been impacted by the Drej asked to establish colonies on the new world. One such species, a species known as the Elvani, was represented by single surviving member. Doctor Yama Gitchell, a brilliant if reckless geneticist, invented a method of cloning that incorporated human DNA with that of the last Elvani so as to instill enough genetic diversity that the race would continue, if somewhat altered by the human DNA they now shared. Saddly the last Elvani died before it was able to pass on the culture and heritage to the new race.

Because of the shared DNA, Elven physiology is remarkably close to that of humans with a tendency towards being lithe and agile. Aside from the long pointed ears, perhaps 7-8 inches each, the most distinguishing feature they posses are large ovoid eyes that have cat like iris. They have a lifespan nearly three times that of humans and mature physically and mentally at the same pace.

An Elf character has the following racial traits

Limber: Elf characters start with a d6 in Agility

Superior Senses: Elves have acute eyesight and can see in the dark quite well. They have low light vision and a +2 bonus to checks made to notice or find something.

Social Recalcitrance: The Elf race is very new in comparison to the other races. For the most part they lack a culture of their own and subsequently have adopted the culture of humanity. However, the long adolescence and lifespan of the typical elf tends to cause trouble for the species. This slower metabolism also governs the elven brain. Elves are slow to adopt new concepts. This does not have a negative impact on the elven intellect, however the elf always seems to be just behind the times when it comes to trendy clothing and recent gossip. Should an Elf decide to brush up on current events and stylish clothes they typically get to a comfortable stage only after the fashions change. Elves suffer a -2 to charisma whenever they are in a social situation that relies on appearance and or gossip. In general it also takes an elf three times as long to learn something new. (This is intended for role playing situations not mechanical character development)


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