Orcani are a race of humanoids that live in nomadic tribes moving across the frontier. These tribes are identified by a totem animal. The Orcani form strong symbiotic bonds with natural animals. These animals live with the Orcani and each individual Orcani becomes psychically bonded to a specific animal. The tribe that an Orcani belongs to is determined by the animal that they bonded with. Because of this the Orcani culture is remarkably coordinated and peaceful. After all, your child will not necessarily be in your tribe once they bond with their companion animal.

Orcani are of similar build to humans though it is very rare to see one who is not physically fit. They have somewhat pointed ears and pronounced canines however this does not prevent them from being found attractive by humans. The most distinctive feature that sets them apart from humans is the layer of short velveteen fur covering their bodies. This fur is not so thick as to prevent an Orcani from disguising itself as a human if they wished. Typically an Orcani dyes its fur in patterns that mimic the coloration of the animal it has bonded with.

Orcani receive the following racial traits:

Bonded Animal: As a young child the Orcani meets and bonds to an animal. The species of animal depends only on the environment the Orcani youth inhabits during the time when they are receptive to their first bonding. The animal is no more special than a regular member of its species and advances only if the Orcani spends time training it. The Orcani and bonded animal have a limited form of empathy with each other. This empathy permits more sophisticated communication than with regular animals but has little other function. The bonded animal is completely loyal to the Orcani and will put its self in harms way to protect them. If the bonded animal dies the surviving Orcani becomes receptive to another bond after about 2 weeks.

Survivalist: free training in Survival to d6

Claustrophobic: The Orcani have been living off the land for generations and their culture has come to think of the numerous ruins that dot the landscape as bad luck. On top of this, when settlers from Angels Reach first came to the frontier the treaty they made with the Orcani designated the old ruins as the only locations where new settlements could be built. If an Orcani must spend any time within the walls of a city or inside a ruin they become irritable and jumpy. They constantly try to find excuses to leave the area and will only sleep inside a solid building under extreme duress.

Furry: The soft fur that covers an Orcani offers superior protection against harsh environmental conditions. They add +3 to any trait test to withstand high heat or bitter cold. This protection comes at a cost though. Armor made of unnatural materials will chafe against the velveteen fur and cause highly distracting irritation. This results in -2 to all trait tests while the armor is worn.


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