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The History of Nuwerth

-as told by Bartimus Holmes, professor of history, college of windgate, City of Angels Reach

In the year 3028 AD the first home of the human race was destroyed by an entity known as The Drej. You see the Drej viewed Old Earth and its peoples, as a threat to their uncontested rule over the known dimensions. Shortly thereafter the Titan, a creation of the humans, absorbed the Drej and this world, Nuwerth or New Earth, was created. Following that event the surviving humans began to settle Nuwerth but were beset by unforeseen complications. I know that it is hard to imagine but before Nuwerth magic was unavailable to man.

Do not be so horror struck my boy, for it was not the dark and meaningless time you imagine. Man once flew through the stars and knew no earthly boundaries. The exact means by which they performed this feat is unclear but it involved manipulation of the chaotic energy they had available through the use of highly advanced machines. These advanced machines were unable to function on nuwerth because… well you will have to speak with your Arcanum professor about the exact details but suffice it to say Nuwerth is a magical planet. Now where was I… Oh yes, complications.

The magic that courses through this planet prevented humans from establishing a home on Nuwerth. That was when the Elder Dragons came. The Elder Dragons were an ancient race similar to the Drej but had been removed for a time due to fear that the Drej would destroy them. It was the Elder Dragons that taught First Wizard Cale how to manipulate the magical energy that prevented man from establishing a home here. With the help of the Elder Dragons mankind began to settle Nuwerth and prosper. This much of our history is known because the Celestials have relayed what they know of that time. What happened next is unclear. It is known that the Elder Dragons departed. Some say it was in disgust at the way man was using the knowledge given to us, others that they feared the power of the Drej returning. It is my personal belief that they entrusted us to use the gifts of magic and chose to pass on to another realm of existence. Well we may never know the exact reason but that is why there are archeologists out on the mainland today, digging up old ruins and uncovering the past.

So for some time man prospered and began to learn to control the magic surrounding them through Wizardry and Alchemy. Not long after the first new generations were born on Nuwerth it was discovered that many, if not all, children were born with an inborn wellspring of magic. Those who showed great inner power and versatility became known as Sorcerers. Others harnessed the magic and combined it with knowledge of harmonics and the Bardic Colleges were founded. Then came the Clerics. Now I do not want to get into an argument about religion so please let me just relay the facts without comment or interruption.

Many years of war were fought over the clash of faith. In the end the force of religion won out. The peoples of Nuwerth were forced to live under the rule of the church and creativity was stifled. Eventually it was discovered that the power the clerics called upon was linked to the Drej in some way. A coup was carried out and perhaps we would have recovered at that time if it were not for the Infernal invasion.

From the farthest reaches of the stars came a new threat to Nuwerth. An Infernal is an evil fusion of magic and flesh and they have used their power to enslave many worlds. Our population was decimated and the warehouses of knowledge we had accumulated wer destroyed or taken from us. For generations we toiled under the Infernals as slaves or worse. Then the Celestials came to Nuwerth and became our salvation. The Celestial is also a creature that exists as magic and flesh combined. They saw our plight and came to our salvation.

This year marks the 283rd anniversary of the building of Angels Reach. About 300 years ago the Celestial Legion came and fought against the Infernal Horde and as a way to protect the surviving peoples of this world, a group of Humans, Elves, Halflings and Half-Elves were placed on this remote island sanctuary. Protected by the vast shield the people brought here were able to recover and build a great city within the confines of the protective ring. The City came to be known as Angels Reach.

The magic that powers the shield links to other worlds as a sourse of stability and power. This connection quickly drew the attention of Gnome Witches and a gate was opened between their realm, Feylendio and ours. After some negotiations a bargain was made. We are provided with a steady supply of foodstuffs from Feylendio. In exchange we gave our knowledge of magical item creation to the gnomes. The weapons and armaments we have helped the Gnomes make have kept them from succumbing in their ongoing war with the Giants.

The ability to permanently bind magic into mundane items has always been a part of Wizardry. We used this to construct the Great Gate on the Bridge Sylvan the portal we use to travel to Feylendio. We also used it to open the gate to to Terra and establish contact with the Dwarves.

The Dwarves come from Terra, a world of tunnels and rock, and did not know blue skies or the sun and stars. Enthralled by the open air and glowing sun, they have always been eager to give knowledge and materials to the people of Angels Reach in exchange for the luxury they see in this world. An unintended side effect of this connection was the appearance of Eidolons. In the intervening years since the connection with Feylendio and Terra the Summoner has become a common venue for those who do not have the inner power to practice Sorcery but are able to form a connection with an Eidolon.

In 1492 AE, 35 years ago, a trip to the main land was made to see if the war between the Celestials and the Infernals still waged. The main land was deserted and all that was left were ruins. We encountered the nomadic tribes of the Orcani Druids. A treaty was struck that gave us access to the old ruins and nearby farming lands. Since then yearly trips have been made from Angels Reach to the main land. Pioneers and archaeologists have been both carving out an existence and discovering the lost history of the world of Nuwerth.

The record of this lecture is 102 years old. The Windgate university fell on the day magic broke. 57 years ago when the basin within Angels Reach was drained these records were recovered.

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