Magic Items

There are three types of magic items on nuwerth and I should explain the difference and actually write down some rules for them. The first type I have already explained but have not given them a name.

- Mechanika are the devices you jack into to power up and control. Typically the sort of devices that are made into mechanika are what we have today running on internal combustion engines as well as electric motors. As a rule of thumb a single person can provide the equivalent of about 50-100 horsepower. This person is called the mechanika jacker. In order to operate a mechanika that requires more power than a single jacker can provide, a additional jackers need to jack in to secondary ports. Some very large mechanika have many secondary ports. If a mechanika ever has less that the needed number of jackers it will not function. The skill used to control a mechanika is dependent on the specific function of the device its self. A mechanika car would use the driving skill, a plane piloting, a boat boating, a gun shooting, etc.

If a mechanika is operated in a stress free way and no “limits” are pushed by the operator, then the power it draws from your body is harmless and there is no limit to how long the Mechanika can operate. In game terms, so long as what you are doing doesn’t require a skill check, you will be fine. However the operator can endanger themselves, and any secondary persons jacked in, if they do push the device to perform. Any time a skill roll is made to determine the result of an action while jacked in to a mechanika you run the risk of “drain”. If you roll snake eyes on a check while jacked in. you immediately make a vigor check. This check has the same TN as the action that prompted it. If you fail the check you suffer a point of fatigue. If there are any secondary jackers they must also make vigor checks at the same TN.

- The next kind of magic item is the traditional, self contained, magic item. These are commonly called artifacts. In general an artifact is indistinguishable from a regular mundane item. The artifact is a self powered magic item that usually re-produces the effects of an edge or a combination of edges and hindrances. Artifacts need to be attuned to an individual user in order to become active. The attunement process takes about an hour and varies from item to item. An artifact can only be attuned to a single user at a time. Most people can only attune to one artifact but Wild Cards (ie you) can attune to one item per tier.

- The last sort of magic item is the Arcanology Crystal Capacitor, aka the Arcrys. On Nuwerth there are arcanologists who study arcanology. They utilize a special crystalline compound called materia to create a wide array of devices collectively known as arcrys. Materia is produced by the dwarves. They literally grow it on their scalps like humans grow hair. Materia is so universally used is has become the standard form of currency in Angels Reach and The Frontier. One d8 sized crystal is worth about $10. The arcrys produced by arcanologists mimic the effects of spells. Most of the rules laid out for the Weird Science background can be followed for this sort of magic. One major caveat is that rather than malfunctioning, the device has the potential to lose maximum power. If the user of the arcrys rolls a one when activating the device the power points used are permanently lost. A damaged arcrys can be repaired by an arcanologist with 2d6 hours of work. The repair must be done at an appropriate workshop and uses an additional amount of materia equal to $100 per power point restored. “Arcanology (Smarts)” is the skill used to manipulate an arcrys. Because arcrys are so prevalent the skill, arcanology, is available to anyone, not just arcanologists. Arcanologists get their first rank in ancanology as part of the Arcane Background (Arcanology) edge.

Even though each Power could have multiple Trappings as well as options to produce various effects as dictated by the expenditure of power points, each arcryst is designed to produce a single aspect and trapping of a power. A arcryst gun that produces a single Fire Bolt cannot be used to shoot three electric bolts. Some acrcys are considered hybrid devices. These are most often fully functional weapons that can be used in a mundane way but can also have their arcrys components activated.

When an arcanologist first gains access to a new Power, they create a new Prototype arcrys. The Prototype Arcrys is different from other arcrys in a few ways. Firstly it is assumed that the arcanologist has been gathering materia while tinkering and can have his fully charged prototype arcrys for free. the prototype arcrys looses power points similarly to other arcrys but does not need the investment of materia to restore the lost power points. Additionally a prototype arcryst can be modified on the fly and the the arcanologist does have the option of multiple Trappings as well as options to produce various effects as dictated by the expenditure of power points. The arcanologist can create additional arcrys based on the prototype. The cost of materials needed to produce additional arcrys is $100 x the maximum power point total, plus, $500 x the tier or the spell produced (novice=1, seasoned=2 veteran=4 heroic=8 legendary=16), plus the cost of the mundane item the arcrys is mounted on.

Magic Items

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